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BC masters cyclist   2012 Victoria Cycling League Race Results 

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       Individual Race Results   (2012 schedule) (2013 schedule)


If two riders from different teams or a marshall report a rider for crossing cones to gain position, that rider will be DQ'd (inform Bruce or John at the line).

It is important to hold your line if a sprint is occurring.  In general, lapped/dropped riders should be as far to the right as is reasonable at all times.


Previous Years Results

  Overall Winners (1994-Current)



Any questions, contact me (Duane Martindale) by e-mail

Note: Cancellations are at the discretion of those putting on the particular races - the people listed on the schedule for each race.  I will put info on this site as soon as I am informed.

Check out Island Sports News for local sports reporting (cycling is under misc. sports)

Photos:  Riders are free to download pictures from my site.  If any club wishes to use the photos for web or promo please give the photographer credit for the photos .