It is important to note that this is not official and that permissions have not be obtained from municipalities and that, if by chance, you are looking at this post once the season begins it might not be accurate. Also note that BC Master’s and Mainland events listed are not part of the VCL. RR = Road Race and HC = Hill Climb and TT = Time Trial.

March 10th (Sunday) Caleb Pike
March 17th (Sunday) Caleb Pike
March 31st (Sunday) Latoria

April 7th (Sunday) Barry’s Roubaix – Pitt Meadows, Mainland
April 17th (Wednesday) Latoria
April 24th (Wednesday) Caleb Pike

April 27th (Saturday) Race the Ridge – Maple Ridge, Mainland
April 29th (Monday) Triple Shot Intro to Racing – Speedway

May 1st (Wednesday) Latoria
May 6th (Monday) Triple Shot Intro to Racing – Speedway

May 8th (Wednesday) Newton Heights

May 11th (Saturday) Mill Bay & Shawnigan Lake HC (BC Master’s)
May 12th (Sunday) Maple Bay 65 Km RR (BC Master’s)

May 13th (Monday) Triple Shot Intro to Racing – Speedway
May 14th (Tuesday) Bazan Bay TT (VCL Points) - Sidney
May 19th (Sunday) Windsor Park Crit. – Oak Bay
May 20th (Monday) CostCo Crit. - Langford
May 27th (Monday) Triple Shot Intro to Racing – Speedway
May 31st – June 2nd (Friday-Sunday) Cameron Law/Bastion Square

June 5th (Wednesday) - 6:30 Caleb Pike
June 9th (Sunday) -10:30 am Neild Road HC

June 9th (Sunday) Mill Bay 60 Km RR (BC Master’s)
June 12th (Wednesday) 6:30 Triple Shot Speedway Race (VCL points)
June 19th (Wednesday) 6:30 Latoria
June 23rd (Sunday) Victoria Wheelers: Metchosin, Rocky Point Rd RR (BC Master’s)
June 26th (Wednesday) Caleb Pike

July 1st (Monday) CostCo Crit (Cancelled)
July 7th (Sunday) Windsor Park, Oak Bay.

July 7th (Sunday) Axel Merckx Gran Fondo, Penticton
July 13th – July 14th (Saturday-Sunday) Dove Creek Omnium (TT, Crit., RR)(info)
July 16th (Tuesday) Bazan Bay TT (VCL Points) – Sidney
July 20th (Saturday pm) Provincial TT Championships; Comox
July 21st (Sunday) 10:30am Mt. Doug HC;(am) Provincial TTT Championships; Comox
July 24th (Wednesday) Latoria
July 28th (Sunday) Windsor Park – Oak Bay
July 31 (Wednesday) Newton Heights

August 14th (Wednesday) Caleb Pike
August 20th (Tuesday) Bazan Bay TT (VCL Points)

August 23rd – 25th (Friday – Sunday) BC Track Championships

September 7th (Saturday) RBC Vancouver - Whistler Gran Fondo
September 8th (Sunday) 10:30am Observatory HC
September 15th (Sunday) 10:30am Willis Point HC