Newton Heights - April 29, 2009 photos overall
A Group   B Group  
1 Nic Hamilton Red Truck Racing 1 Steve Lund Aviawest
2 Andrew McCartney IRC 2 Chris Chatham Oak Bay Bikes
3 Kenyon Campbell Westwood Cycles/Cannondale 3 Brent Stubbs Schwalbe
4 Craig Logan Aviawest 4 Brent Dallimore Oak Bay Bikes
5 Andrew Russell IRC 5 Casey Ryder Schwalbe
6 Hugh Trenchard Schwalbe 6 Joe Gard Tripleshot
7 Bruce Schlatter   7 John Taylor Tripleshot
8 Chris Hillier Colavita 8 Tim Nason  
9 Vaughn Hildebrand IRC F1 Shailie Sanbrooks Aviawest
10 Aaron Thomas IRC 9 Guy Gensey Russ Hays
      10 Roland Rabien Tripleshot
1 Shailie Sanbrooks Aviawest
2 Kyla Coates IRC
3 Kim Gard Tripleshot
4 Christine Ridenour IRC
5 Hilary Wille  
6 Alison Hooper  
7 Annie Ewart Aviawest
8 Gabriela Bolanos IRC
Note:  3 of the women didn't sign on (numbers not known) and there were several numbers that were duplicated;  made it a lot of fun
figuring placements (the finish line people only use numbers to figure out placement and lapped riders)